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Getting Ready

The holidays are coming, and what better to paint for our still-life Tuesday than poinsettias?

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Poinsettia on a Side-table

The poinsettia plant seems to keep its leaves and flowers a long time, a fact I appreciated very much when I went to paint it. I wanted to make an abstract background to contrast with the orderly array of red … Continue reading

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First Poinsettia of the Season

I love those huge poinsettia plants that appear in stores just about now, and could not resist buying and painting one today.

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Oh, Those Poinsettias!

I could not resist painting poinsettias again today. After I finished the gouache painting, I used an app, Snapseed, to heighten the color. The original sketch, although bright, pales in comparison to this adjusted sketch above.

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Poinsettias in a Dark Room

I was trudging away at my computer but distracted by the poinsettias at the other side of the room. It has been a few days since I sketched and I wanted to get back on track. I painted quickly and … Continue reading

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Poinsettia Season

The huge poinsettias are in the stores and that means it is time to bring a few home and paint them again. This is probably the first of several that I will sketch in the next month or so. This … Continue reading

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