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The San Diego Watercolor Society met today at Old Town, a park that commemorates local history with buildings, museums and educational programs. Just as I got settled for painting, a class and a museum docent gathered for a lesson at a nearby tree. As a newly retired educator I was captivated and immediately shifted my attention from buildings to learning. The class stayed for an hour or so and I was able to get several sketches and in the process make decisions about a message to convey through composition. This docent teaches in a way that make students eager to learn and teachers who can teach like this fascinate me. I showed the teacher’s expertise with his expansive arms, the upturned faces of the students, the uniform way the students attended to the teacher, and the way the classroom teacher and parent volunteer on the side have stepped back in deference to his competence. The docent is a big man but I exaggerated his size even more since the contrast helped convey through body language the respect the students and their teacher were showing the docent.

I used an ink and watercolor.

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