The over-the-hill gang hits the gym

Tamara - 1 (3)

Six of us exercise together each week and since I sat this session out I got a chance to capture the efforts of my compatriots. One of my main goals is to convey a story and I like this image because the range of exercise- running, lifting, pulling and doing crunches tells a story of a good workout. Although I sketched fast, many of these figures are composites of two or more people since our trainer keeps a fast pace. This sketch was my final and the result of trying earlier poses. I exaggerated the body position of the central figure, who was pulling weights, and had him look forward to show effort and concentration.  I worked at getting the torso twist just right in the person doing crunches and showing the legs of the runner in sync with each other. I need to work more on the person lifting free weights, I think he looks like he may topple forward.

I used marker and watercolor.

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