Rachael’s sketching group

Rachael's Group - 1

Today I sketched with Rachael’s group in Spanish Village, part of Balboa Park in San Diego. Many of the artists sat in a gazebo drawing scenes from the surrounding area. I wanted to capture this and through it tell a story of kindred spirits spending time together. I tried to evoke this message by having all the heads focused downwards, intent on their hands and laps, with relaxed shoulders. The circle shows companionability and the warm colors suggest well-being, contentment and enjoyment.

Two parts of the sketch were not intentional but I think both add to the message. First, because the style is a bit abstract, it is not clear what kind handwork is underway. It could be knitting, a book club reading, jewelry making, or sketching. To me this suggests something broad and universal about like-minded people getting together for a common goal. And second, I like the way the shape of the flowerpot echoes the figures in the gazebo. I wish I had exaggerated the size of the pot and shaped the leaves to be more like the shapes of the figures.

I drew in marker and followed up with watercolor.

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