Driving Through France

Driving Through France

Driving Through France

We are slowly making our way from Barcelona to Copenhagen and drove today in France from Narbonne on the Mediterranean to Beze, a small village not far from Dijon. Although the jostling of a car in motion creates challenges, I really enjoy sketching while driving. As a passenger I have all the time in the world to study what I am drawing and I like the sense of leisure this gives me.

In this sketch I wanted to capture the body language that shows the attention with which the driver is watching the road. The tilt of his head, the way he kept his gaze on the road and the position of his hands on the wheel all play a part in conveying this.

This is an iPad/Procreate sketch.

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3 Responses to Driving Through France

  1. Anna says:

    I love the combined sweetness and dizziness of this sketch, visible in e.g. the slight upward tilt of his neck, and his looking off slightly to the side.

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  2. Bev barrett says:

    Interesting news per the NYTimes. More accidents than ever before are attributed to sub abuse, speed, carelessness and now— inattentiveness from phones etc
    We miss you, and still have days and nights mixed up. Will go to Ohio on Friday for Terry’s 50th


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