From the Car Window

From the Car Window

From the Car Window

We had a great day driving from Beze, France to Dinklage, Germany, which is just south of Bremen. In the morning we were surrounded with huge fields of greens and yellows that stretched from horizon to horizon. I kept my iPad on my lap and had fun sketching the fields and making composite pictures out of the scenery as it flew past our car.

In the afternoon and evening I simplified my sketches, changing the scale so that one field fills the page. And, since one of my goals is to tell a story through image, I included a few of the many French bicyclists.
This is an iPad/Procreate sketch.

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2 Responses to From the Car Window

  1. Anna says:

    Somehow it works with the mountain-shaped blue in the background, and wouldn’t without; I don’t have a good understanding of why; do you?

    I like the simplicity, also.


    • I don’t know either why the blue triangle makes a difference. I tried several versions of this, just quickly dashing off similar compositions. I liked this one best- as long as it had the bikers in it- but do not yet have an understanding of why.


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