An Avenue of Trees

An Avenue of Trees

An Avenue of Trees

It turns out that Dinklage Germany, which we stumbled upon when looking for a hotel at the end of the day yesterday, is lush, green and incredibly beautiful. When we saw it this morning we decided to spend a day here and I went sketching along the rural roads near our hotel. This area is full of forested parks, paths and tree lined roads. This sketch tries to capture the feeling of being beneath an avenue of trees. Since I am more interested in sketching people than anything else, I have been pushing myself to focus on landscapes for the past few days. I hope to be able to render more convincing settings for the people I sketch.

This is a pen and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper done on location.

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1 Response to An Avenue of Trees

  1. Bevbarrett says:

    This is a great pic. Tamera is displaying some artwork for the art around Adams affair. None of it appeals as much as what you are doing. Tamera suggested that next year you display work too. I agree.


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