Goodbye Spain

Paying the Bill at a Barcelona Hotel

Paying the Bill at a Barcelona Hotel

We left Barcelona today but not before I sketched a stranger paying her bill at the front desk. I could hear that she had a question about a charge and I could see that her concern showed in her shoulders as she waited for the manager to check the bill. The second clerk, who initially worked with the customer, was also concerned and she showed it by waiting attentively for the resolution to be worked out.

Figuring out how to get an accurate copy of a sketch to upload into my blog is not easy. Scanning a sketch is what works best but since we left San Diego in late January for this six month trip, we have been living out of one large suitcase each. I have had to use photos for uploads since there was no room in my suitcase for a scanner. I was generally disappointed with the quality of the photos and often worked with the sketch in Procreate to try to get a better copy.

This past week my sister showed me how to use Snapseed to improve the quality of my photos and now I love the accuracy of the reproductions of my sketches. I appreciate what Procreate allows me to do and still will use Procreate as a media option, along with the traditional choices of pen, pencil, watercolor and different papers. But until I return to my scanner, Snapseed is my choice for an app to use to accurately reproduce my artwork.

This is a pen and watercolor sketch on watercolor paper. I used Snapseed to improve the quality of the photo of my sketch.


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