Working on Perspective in San Diego’s Old Town

San Diego's Old Town

San Diego’s Old Town

The landscape painting class met in San Diego’s Old Town today and it was a perfect opportunity to think again about perspective. I stood in the park at Twiggs Street, looking down San Diego Avenue, where the double yellow line pointed directly at an ideal vanishing point and the sidewalks, cars, and buildings formed perfect rays leading to it. Of course if you start thinking about it, you can see where I got away from the perspective. Nevertheless, I like the way the wedges of the street, buildings, and hillside come together. I hope I have time in the next few days to paint some variations of this sketch.

This is a gouache and pastel sketch on black gouache paper.

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2 Responses to Working on Perspective in San Diego’s Old Town

  1. Sheila says:

    Love what you did to this one, Sarah! The streetlight shadow adds interest, leads the eye IN and detracts successfully from the center line. NICE!

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