Same Intersection, Different Sketches

Here are two more sketches of the same intersection as yesterday’s sketch in Old Town at Twiggs and San Diego Avenue that I dew in this past week. In each sketch I stood where a line (the double yellow line in the street or the crack in the sidewalk) recedes back to the vanishing point on the horizon. Although the line acts as a reference and helps me think about how to draw each scene, in retrospect I see that I still have inaccurately drawn objects in each sketch. I think my intuition about how to draw cityscapes leads me astray. I should probably draw many similar scenes and take the time to measure how the parts fit together.

Both sketches are gouache and pastel, one on white paper and one on black.



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1 Response to Same Intersection, Different Sketches

  1. Sheila says:

    View 2 is AWESOME. Love the placement of your vanishing point AND the bright colors to pop it. LOVE the way your shadows describe the shape and angle of the bank along the path, and the bright line on the top of the bank taking the eye back, WITH the break in the line for the people on the sidewalk (brilliant.) LOVE the way you did the roof top with form on the left. From one of your biggest fans – Whoooo HooT! Aloha….


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