Digital Daydreams

When I got up on this seventh day of vacationing with family and friends in Mexico, my sister Teresa Prevey, a digital artist and blogger, was already working on her photographs. She uses various apps on her iPad and transforms photos into works of art. (Click to check out her gorgeous blog, Digital Daydreams.)

Teresa was sitting with her back to the sea and I noticed the way the early morning light of Mazatlan shaped her features and accentuated the slight frown she has when she is focusing intently. I began to sketch her. My hope was to capture the look of an artist thinking deeply about her work. We sat across the table from each other, she with her iPad and I with my sketch pad, drinking coffee and enjoying a good start to the day.

This is a 12 X 17-inch gouache and pastel sketch on black paper. I also used Procreate to make some adjustments.

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  1. AANGEE says:

    This is amazing!

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