Morning on Olas Altas Beach

I stood on the balcony early this morning and sketched people exercising along the Olas Altas Beach in Mazatlan. The colors were clear but not yet bright, the sea calm, and the waves slowly rolled up on the beach in intervals. There was a lot going on and a lot to catch in a sketch. I would like to eventually do a seascape of this view but need to work out some of the details first. This is a gouache and pastel sketch on black paper.

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2 Responses to Morning on Olas Altas Beach

  1. Sheila Greer says:

    Wonderful “pop” of color on the distant palm tree and cliffs, love the color transitions in the ocean from distant to far……and calm though it speaks in color, there is also action in line. Wonderful! Nice place you are staying….. keep the wonderful renderings coming Sarah!

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