Along the San Miguel River

Along the San Miguel River

I painted quite a few small sketches of places in or near Telluride Colorado in the past day. This is my favorite because it is loose, suggestive, and bright.

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4 Responses to Along the San Miguel River

  1. She says:

    Wonderful line, shapes and value Sarah!!!


  2. I love the colorful energy emanating from your paintings. As an artist I do not do landscapes, but I really like yours!

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    • I am struck by the overlap in our color choices. It looks like you sculpt with small blocks and other shapes?


      • Kind of… in my paintings, which are never flat, some shapes are made with wood, thus creating volumes in which I put small cubes that can be moved around. I love colors, all of them, this is why I was attracted to your paintings. I look forward to see your next creations!


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