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Along the San Miguel River

I painted quite a few small sketches of places in or near Telluride Colorado in the past day. This is my favorite because it is loose, suggestive, and bright.

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Rafting the Mighty San Miguel

For the last two days I had my back to the San Miguel River and the mountains above it while I sketched thickets of cottonwood trees. The San Miguel is very shallow in this section and perfect for beginner rafters. … Continue reading

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The San Miguel River Again

In yesterday’s sketch I worked to get a fairly realistic sketch of an actual place along the San Miguel River just outside Telluride Colorado. The parts of the finished sketch that I found most pleasing were the large abstract trees … Continue reading

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Along the San Miguel River

We have had rain most afternoons and the landscape is about as green as possible. Before the rain I biked along the San Miguel River Trail until I came to a particularly gorgeous spot. It seemed like the perfect location … Continue reading

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