Day 13, Finally OK to Be a Couch Potato

I have been on a roll with my sketchbook, drawing what I want and getting a kick out it.

I started this sketch with my husband’s head and worked toward the left. Then I wanted to show more of the scene, especially my husband’s legs draped across the coffee table. So I opened the sketchbook and continued on the left side. This time I began with the feet, moving back towards the right.

I really needed a few more inches in the middle to make the figure proportional, but I like it anyway. It celebrates the bizarre fact that we are doing our bit for public health by watching old movies. Being a couch potato is suddenly the right thing to do, who would have guessed?

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1 Response to Day 13, Finally OK to Be a Couch Potato

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    I am so glad you are both well. We are hanging out at home too!

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