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A Stay- Home Order, Again

Our California Hospitals are at capacity and so our state has had to order us to stay home again. I am glad our governor is taking action but am sad that I will not be going out painting for some … Continue reading

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Reading Outside in the Age of Coronavirus

After a week of rain, our typically gorgeous San Diego weather has returned. We walked up to the college prepared to linger a little longer than the usual brisk walk allowed under the sheltering-in-place guidelines. My husband had his book, … Continue reading

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For Alana

For Alana, who sent me a bouquet of sunflowers out of the blue. After a month of sheltering in place, the sunflowers are an incredible richness. I have had such fun looking at them, moving them around the house, thinking … Continue reading

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By the Front Door

Sheltering in place has caused me to notice how much I like where we live. I cleaned out some of the big planters by the front door and then had the pleasure of painting them twice without rushing at all. … Continue reading

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Windsurfing Redo

I am getting restless as we shelter in place here in San Diego, mostly because I am used to getting out and about and painting around town. The days are blending together but I think this is the fourth week … Continue reading

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And on the 19th Day I Painted Some More

This is the same composition as yesterday’s sketch. I liked it, but wanted to see what it might look like if I painted on a black surface. There is something about black irregular spaces between the objects in a painting … Continue reading

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View at the College on the 18th Day

We have been walking a lot up at the college. The grounds are open but, with the quarantine, next to nobody is there, an unusual occurrence at a university of 35,000 students. Our skies have been cloudy and windy with … Continue reading

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