Windsurfing Redo

I am getting restless as we shelter in place here in San Diego, mostly because I am used to getting out and about and painting around town. The days are blending together but I think this is the fourth week now, with at least four more to go. So, my plan is to distract myself by trying out new mediums and repainting old sketches that I liked.

A year ago, we took a road trip that included a few days at Padre Island on the coast of Texas. I did a sketch there in very bright sunlight, which came out far too blue. I repainted it today with more subtle blues, more whites, and with the surfer facing to the left.

This is a 12 x12 acrylic painting on a black gesso surface.

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5 Responses to Windsurfing Redo

  1. She says:

    A wonderful rendition of wind and sea, I can feel it. Your strokes are so expressive and the colors and use of the dark of the paper are masterful!

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  2. Sheila Polk says:

    Great job evoking the immediate desire to get out and windsurf!

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