By the Front Door

Sheltering in place has caused me to notice how much I like where we live. I cleaned out some of the big planters by the front door and then had the pleasure of painting them twice without rushing at all. Hiding from coronavirus is not all bad.

The angel is a piece my father carved and painted. He gave it to us some twenty years ago and it has stood at the front door with a matching angel all this time. To me it says something like, “Enter this home with peace in your heart.”

I am taking an online course and learning to paint with acrylic on wooden panels. Learning to control the paint is challenging. I wanted to retreat back to my beloved gouache for this composition, but for the first time since I began to use acrylic, I began to see its strengths. I think I will begin to use both mediums together soon.

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5 Responses to By the Front Door

  1. Barbara Raub says:

    love the details! So inviting , i would love to just sit there and take it in. What class are you taking?

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  2. tprevey says:

    Beautiful colors – and you caught the warmth and sunshine!

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  3. She says:

    I love looking at your paintings most mornings Sarah and reading what you write about them. It’s a beautiful journal of this journey for you. On this particular painting I love how the line of flowers and shadows against the white keep my eye moving and inside of this painting. It’s lovely, thank you!!!

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