Day 14: That Last Flower Petal

I walked up the hill to Trader Joes’ two weeks ago and, among other items, bought a bouquet of flowers. They were so pretty, especially in the transparent vase, and I kept telling myself that it would be fun to paint them.

But my days sheltering in place have been oddly busy and I never got to it. Today, though, I noticed that one by one, the petals were falling to the table, until there was just one left. It was clear that if I wanted to sketch them, it had better be now.

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2 Responses to Day 14: That Last Flower Petal

  1. margarethallfineart says:

    I love this ! I often do this , leave flowers until the last minute to throw them away . Was this painting small Sarah ? I like the way you do lots of small paintings in the time you have for art . I am halfway through painting some large canvases and they take a couple of weeks to finish – but I’ve also started an art journal and I can do intuitive mixed media pieces in about an hour . Very soothing g for the nerves .

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    • Thank you Margret,
      Yes, my work tends to be on the small size. In normal times I usually paint on the go which means working on surfaces that I can transport easily and finish in a few hours. This painting is on a piece of 8 x 12 Van Gogh Black Watercolor paper. Maybe I should leverage this sheltering in place time to paint bigger and longer, although patience is not my strong suit!

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