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An Unfinished Sketch

The day got away from me what with celebrating Father’s Day and obsessing over the details of a totally captivating book, The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith. I need an early start tomorrow and so this sketch … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

How could I not keep sketching these two as they worked together, and how can I not think of their father/ son relationship as I sketch on this Father’s Day eve? My father worked with his six sons, teaching them … Continue reading

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Birthday Bouquet and Book

I got such a gorgeous birthday bouquet that I painted it all evening and time flew. In fact I over did parts of the flowers but like the simple brushstrokes in the table, book, candle holders and lower vase. Now that I … Continue reading

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Street Ball in the Spring

This started off as a sketch of the flowers in my yard, similar to the sketch I did last Wednesday of the daisies at Cabrillo National Monument. I wanted to capture the mounds of flowers against the curve of the … Continue reading

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Home Again

No matter how wonderful the trip, it is always good to come back home again.  Sometimes I avoid laundry but after two weeks in a suitcase it is a pleasure to sort through and get everything clean and back in … Continue reading

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