Sunny Road

Sunny Road to Be'er Sheva

Sunny Road to Be’er Sheva

It takes about an hour to drive down to Be’er Sheva from Jerusalem. I did several quick sketches as we drove there Sunday morning. The light was bright and the colors beautiful.

These are composite sketches. Each time I would look back up after drawing a line, the landscape was different. I added a new bit from the new view until the sketch was done. The lines are shaky and the paint uneven from sketching while the car bumped along, but I  like it anyway.

Except for the white lines on the roadway, this is a pen and watercolor sketch on multimedia paper.



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2 Responses to Sunny Road

  1. munyingnying says:

    I like the shaky lines (I thought you did it on purpose!)! I am not only seeing a picture–I am feeling it! Like I am in the car myself, and feeling the swerves.

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