Prepping for Tomorrow

Prepping for Tomorrow

Prepping for Tomorrow

The conference center where we are staying in France has very limited internet access. You have to go to an outside terrace next to a bar and then hope you are lucky and get a connection. This forces me to write and post in a more social setting  than I usually work in, which turned out well for me this evening.

When I came down this evening to post a sketch from the beach today, I sat near a small group sitting around a computer and doing last minute preparation for a presentation they are giving tomorrow. Perhaps because I have been working on light for the last few days, I immediately noticed the reflected light on their faces and how it contrasted with the evening sky. I also noticed how their body language showed cooperation around a common purpose. I quickly sketched them using Procreate as they worked and decided I liked this sketch better than the beach scene.

This is a Procreate sketch.


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