Sunlight at Toulon’s Train Station

Sketch of the Toulon Train Station by Sarah Sullivan

Across the Tracks at the Toulon Train Station

While we waited at the Toulon Train Station in France last week, I got two quick line sketches of the station from the last platform. My eye was caught by the light and shadows from the strong summer sun. Later that evening I added watercolor to one of them but made a muddy mess. 

Since I am still working on showing light this week I pulled out the two sketches of the train station, and a photo to use as reference, and tried again. First I used watercolor but again got similar results. The contrast of the deep shadows to the light is challenging and I ended up with a muddy sketch. And so I moved onto trying the sketch with Procreate, which is much easier to edit.  I think this version is more true to the light and heat but it still does not capture the feel of Toulon Station on a hot sunny day. 

This is a Procreate sketch. 

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  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great progress!

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