At the Beach

At the Beach

At the Beach

We left the historic area of Mazatlan for the day and went some 20 miles north to Los Cerritos Beach. We could see people out enjoying the many beaches along the coastline, much like along the southern California coast in the summer.

We ate at a small seaside restaurant, just above the beach. The view was amazing so I pulled out my small sketchbook as soon as we ordered, hoping to get a sketch of it all before our food arrived.  As it turned out I had enough time to use both sides of the sketchbook, which is why the size of this sketch is long and narrow. I began with a simple pastel line drawing and then made quick strokes with gouache to suggest the movement of people and water. Later I went back with more white pastel lines to strengthen some of the elements of the sketch.

This is a pastel and gouache sketch in a black sketchbook.

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