The Watercolor Critique

The Watercolor Critique

The Watercolor Critique

The Watercolor Critique II

The Watercolor Critique II

Yesterday I attended a watercolor demonstration and paint out. As we ended, the artist critiqued the paintings that attendees made. During the critique I drew 2 sketches of this scene with simple pastel lines on black paper. Today I added color.

My major deliberate sketch focus for some time has been, how do I use flat gouache color, big shapes and black paper to convey what I am thinking. More narrowly, today I thought about how much black paper should be left showing in a sketch. In the first sketch above I think I overdid the paint. It was a stronger sketch when more of the figures were left with unpainted black paper. But did I leave too much unpainted in the second? Figuring out the balance of paper and paint will be my focus this week.

These are gouache and pastel sketches on black paper.

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2 Responses to The Watercolor Critique

  1. Sheila says:

    Honestly, I LOVE the first. The color and vibrancy are wonderful. For me, the first one holds my interest and satisfies my need for color to help tell the story. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!


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