Looking at the Bay of Fundy

Looking at the Bay of Fundy by Sarah Sullivan

Looking at the Bay of Fundy

We are at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. The bay is known for having the highest change between high and low tides in the world. We spent the afternoon hiking along the cliffs of Hopewell Rocks, which are exposed during low tide, and were awed by seeing the morning’s high tide marks high above us. 

This is a sketch of the view of the bay from our camping spot. There is a long and gradual slope downward to a wide expanse of yellow marsh and then the marsh in turn slopes down to the sea. The hills of New Brunswick are far off on the other side of the bay. Although it is May, spring is only beginning to arrive here. The deciduous trees are without leaves and the grass is just beginning to grow in the fields and lawns. I love the many layers of this view.

This is a mixed media sketch. I began with a pastel pencil and gouache sketch on both sides of a 5 X 8 inch black Moleskine sketchbook. Later I used Procreate to add the figure and put white lines into the sky. 

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