Hillside Near Rancho Bernardo

Sketch of Hillside Near Rancho Bernardo by Sarah Sullivan

Hillside Near Rancho Bernardo

It is hot and dry in San Diego County just now and there was not a lot of shade this morning where I was sketching near the Bernardo Winery northeast of San Diego. I love the brown and yellow in our hills this time of year and wanted to capture the dried out feeling of the plants as we all look forward to the fall rains. I also wanted to practice using gouache to get lighter tones and the dried out grass and hillside was perfect for this.

This is a gouache sketch in a 17 X 12 inch Derwent sketchbook with black paper.

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4 Responses to Hillside Near Rancho Bernardo

  1. deb92024 says:

    Really like the balance, range of color and movement in this one!


  2. Thank you Deborah, I am tempted to make some changes in the morning- to get more extreme with the darks and lights.


  3. Sheila greer says:

    Wonderful brushwork, especially in the trees, very dramatic trees. My favorite part is the lower left foreground. The shape and feel of the rocks are spot on (difficult to do) and the colors of the rocks and the weeds just behind the rocks are soft, delicate, light and true. I would say your painting is very sucessful just as it is, and support the decision (if you choose to make it – LOL) to experiment with ANOTHER painting. Love this one!


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