Fishing at Shelter Island

Sketch of People Fishing at Shelter Island by Sarah Sullivan

Fishing at Shelter Island

We are in the midst of a Santa Ana weather event, which means low humidity and high winds. So far it has not been as extreme here in the city of San Diego as it has in the mountains east of us and further north in Los Angles and Ventura.

I painted this morning along the San Diego Harbor at Shelter Island. The sky was different than usual, perhaps because there was some smog from the fires further north. The orange along the skyline brought out the blue in the harbor and sky and was lovely. It was almost too dry to paint, the paint seemed to dry on my brush before I finished the stroke. This got me into some trouble beneath the peer.

This is a 12 X 17-inch gouache sketch on black paper.

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1 Response to Fishing at Shelter Island

  1. tprevey says:

    I love the contrast between the mountains and sky in the background!


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