Table for Two

A dining room table, by design, is a device that is all about good times. Dinners with family, birthday celebrations, holiday feasts, Friday night with friends, and game nights. It is the place where it all happens, except, of course, in times like these.

Fortunately, our table, which has served so many people over the years, also works perfectly as a table for two. There are more than enough chairs to go around. Clean up is a chinch, and we can pile it up with books. It is especially nice in the morning when the sun comes in from the east, which is how I painted it today.

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7 Responses to Table for Two

  1. She says:

    Masterfully executed!!!!!!!
    I ADORE the soft edges and suggestions. So dreamy , vibrant and full of feeling.

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  2. Marci says:

    I have enjoyed fun time around that table!

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:

    Our table is used only by the cat as a feeding station these days!

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  4. I love the richness of the colors, jewel like and intense.


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