A Moment Near Mission Beach

My cousin and I painted near Mission Beach. A street that curved away from us toward the beach caught our attention, as did the gentle light from the foggy afternoon. It was busy with cars and pedestrians, but somehow the mood seemed dominantly peaceful. I placed a single person into the scene, thinking it would better capture the day’s spirit than showing more of the commotion.

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9 Responses to A Moment Near Mission Beach

  1. deb92024 says:

    There’s something surreal about this one, I like it

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  2. Beverly K Barrett says:

    The people is a great touch. Thks

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  3. Beverly K Barrett says:

    The people is a great touch. Thks


  4. Sonja says:


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  5. I feel this is the opening scene of a story that will go unexpected places.

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    • Thank you Claudia for the suggestion. When I get back to San Diego I should follow this road and person and see where it takes this story!


      • I think many of your images are evocative and leave me creating a story, or feeling that I am coming in just at the beginning of something…I really enjoy that aspect of your work (along with your wonderful color, of course, and how you combine the elements of the scenes).

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