Drawing in the Glyptotek Winter Garden.

Sitting in the Carlsberg Glyptotek cafe, I could look down into its winter garden. The large hall with its skylights and lush tropical plants is filled with a warmth that invites people to linger and appreciate. It must have been a wondrous attraction 125 years ago when it first opened in Copenhagen.

I noticed two artists below me drawing the garden’s ferns, and it made me want to draw them in turn. I had to leave my sketch bag in the lockers but still had a few crayons and a small sketchbook. I filled in the page, showing the two artists surrounded by the ferns and leaves of the Glyptotek.

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7 Responses to Drawing in the Glyptotek Winter Garden.

  1. She says:

    Sarah, this is pure magic!!!

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  2. Deb says:

    Really like the composition and overall “feel”

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  3. This makes me think of a visit to Lisbon 25 years ago when we visited the Estufa Fria. Your picture gives an air of mystery to this scene.

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